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Welcome to Amitek Schools : High  School East London & King Williams 

Our student culture plays a key role in the experience at Amitek High School. We’ve created a safe and accessible environment where students are encouraged to discuss ideas, collaborate on projects, share their work and receive feedback with pride. We give students the foundation to reach their potential and gain confidence both academically and socially.

We offer the following subjects: Afrikaaans  First Additional Language (FAL) 

                                                       English Home Language (HL)

                                                       isiXhosa Fist Additional language (FAL)

                                                       Economic and Management Science (EMS)

                                                       Computer Application Technology (CAT)


                                                       Mathematical Literacy 


                                                       Natural Science 

                                                       Business Studies 




                                                       Life Science 

                                                       Life Orientation 




     Limited space available 

Download application Form                      Here 

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